Amadeus: Flex Pricer Complex Travel Planner

Mlle HAN Lin
AMADEUS Flex Pricer Complex Travel Planner

Team description:

The DEV-SEP-FAR department delivers shopping solution for the range of Amadeus reservation front-end products, aimed at airlines and travel distribution companies.

The department activities cover the software development cycle from specification writing to development and unit testing.


FlexPricer is a shopping tool helping travelers to get flight availabilities for their trip, with price associated to each solution. It allows user to find flight solutions for any kind of journey (one way, round trip and complex trip). FlexPricer Complex itinerary search provides functionality of searching flight availabilities for consecutive journeys with an ordered itinerary.

In order to improve shopping experience of his clients, and help users to find most comfortable travel solution, FlexPricer complex travel planner will propose a list of availability for unordered itinerary.
In such a case, the travelers will only need to define the travel period and preferred destinations. Then FlexPricer complex travel planner will automatically propose different complex itineraries that correspond to the travelers’ preferences, as well as the price of each journey. The traveler is then free to choose the most suitable recommendation.
The trainee will participate in proposing a solution and participate in implementing a prototype to address these needs. He should also evaluate the accuracy and efficiency of each solution regarding the search for the best deal.